Commie Fag (Reprise)

About 2 weeks ago, I posted that my mother unknowingly wore one of my “Commie Fag” shirts out in the garden all day. We’re gardening again today and she just came upstairs to ask for a t-shirt.

Mom: “Where is that shirt I wore last time?”
Me: “I have a CN Tower Climb one you can wear.”
Mom: “It’s okay. I’ll just wear that one because I’m going to get sweaty.”
Me: “I meant to tell you about that shirt: it has profanity on it. Also, you don’t want to be referred to as a Communist, do you?”
Mom: “So what?”
Me: “The neighbours will think you’re nuts.”
Mom: “Good! That means they’ll stay away and leave me in peace.”
Me: “Here’s the CN Tower shirt. You’re not wearing the other one again.”
Mom: [walks away] “Fine! But people should mind their own business. If anyone anyone says anything to me today about it, they can just FUCK off.”


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