There Goes The Neighbourhood

Mom: “A bunch of your neighbours came by earlier today when you stepped out. I was outside gardening and they asked for some buds.”
Me: “Oh, that’s nice. Ya, give them anything.”
Mom: “And some just came over to talk.”
Me: “Great. Finally, my neighbours don’t think I’m a weirdo.”
Mom: “I borrowed one of your t-shirts to garden in because I didn’t want to get my blouse all sweaty.”
Me: “Sure.”
Mom: “I wasn’t sure which one so I just picked one that was in the back of your closet.”
Me: “Oh, that’s fine.”
Mom: “I put it in the washing machine.”
Me: “Great, I was just about to do some laundry.”

Mom leaves for home and after the dryer goes off, I bring the hamper upstairs to start my folding.
I finish folding everything except for the last shirt which I didn’t recognize or remember wearing at all this week.

Oh, it must be one of my old shirts Mom borrowed for outside. Hope it fit her okay. It was inside out so I flipped it back:

Oh. My. Fucking. God.


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